Tanmoy Basu

Heena - CONGRATULATIONS to you and to the entire team at Vk Travels!! I checked my email archives and looks like back in 2005 Parna introduced me to you over a phone call and email ... and since then Vk Travels has had a hand in each of my trips to India. Until then - the thought of "getting tickets" to go to India from one or the other travel agents gave me a headache and sometimes a fever - the pain of waiting on "hold" endlessly, never getting a call back ... getting tickets that proved out to be bad upon arriving at JFK, etc. - so many crazy stories. Then came Heena and Vk Travels. I have expressed my appreciation of the service you and your team provide on many occasions - you differentiate yourself in the "quality" and "promptness" of service you provide and leave your customers (at least me) delighted in the end. Getting tickets to go to India is never a "tension" ... and you know, us Desi-s are "always" looking for a "good deal" ... but you and Vk Travels are so good that you can cut out all the time wasting and get to exactly the tickets I want every time. Sorry, this is getting a bit too verbose ... and long ... but I believe if a true customer testimonial is called for - it is here and now! As I conduct my business everyday - I believe that it is not customer satisfaction but customer "LOYALTY" that matters ... so here's all the best for the next 15 years from a truly loyal customer of Vk Travels. CONGRATULATIONS again! ... Talk to you as soon as I ready for my next India trip.

Sri Shankar

Thanks Heena. I have worked with you everytime I need tickets to India. It has always been a smooth experience for me with vk travels and you. I like the patience you show even when I want to try out multiple options before I book the ticket. M Thank you very much !! :) Sri.

Anu Villapakkam

Happy mother's day to you and you are Heena ma to everyone of us (not by age) but by the individual attention, care you give since 2008 that we know and have booked flights, even during Raja's father passing away emergency. We truly admire and respect all that you do Your family is blessed to have you. truly meant from our hearts. Thanks
Anu Villapakkam


Thank you Heena, for taking care of our tickets, and also for the many many friends of mine that you are helping. I am happy to refer them to you (over the years), because you have taken care of all of them very well, and they were happy to go back to you for tickets (including emergency tickets). Makes me happy.
- Suresh

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